Hi! I’m Meredith. I’m a professional organizer based in San Mateo, CA. I’m a mom, a wife, an entrepreneur.

I’ve been organizing homes since 2015. Before that I worked for many years as a legal secretary.

My passion is efficiency and clarity and I can’t wait to help you achieve your goals.

I would love to chat about your project.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Why hire an organizer? 

I feel that a good organizer brings enthusiasm, excitement, and empathy to a project that most people don’t really look forward to. I approach my work with a can-do attitude, and help my clients get started on tasks that might seem daunting. I help maintain focus so we can see a project through to the end. I love to see dramatic change in a space, and I love to see clients build momentum. Changes in our environment impact the way we feel about ourselves and our abilities, and those changes can have real and lasting impact on our lives. 

What is it like to work with an organizer? 

I work one on one with my clients. Whether our first meeting is a consultation (always free!) or our first session, you are in the driver’s seat. You are making the decisions about your belongings. My role is to assist you in making those decisions. Sometimes that means asking follow up questions. Sometimes that means listening to an anecdote about an object. Sometimes that means redirecting attention, or reminding you of your goal. I will never force you to part with something you’re unwilling to let go of. 

We will strategize together about the needs of your household and the limitations of your space. Where possible I prefer to create systems that support what you’re already doing rather than force you or your family to adopt new habits. 

The first time we meet, I will ask you for a tour of your home, so you can show me where your problem areas lie, and what your highest priority projects are. We will decide where to begin. Typically this is the area that will make the biggest impact on your daily life. Probably not the attic, or the storage unit. More likely the kitchen, your closet, the kids’ toys. I find that three hours tends to be long enough to really make some good progress but not so long that you’re completely exhausted after. The last thirty minutes of a session is dedicated to putting every thing away so it’s all tidy for you, and loading the car with whatever needs to be disposed of (donate, recycle, etc). I will take one suv-load of stuff with me each time so you can really enjoy the impact of all of our hard work! 

How should I prepare for my organizing session? 

Don’t! Please do not tidy up before I come to see the space in person. I prefer to see how your household is currently using the space, and if you tidy away all the evidence of your habits, I will not be able to create a tailored system for you. 

Most of my clients prefer to work with the organizing materials (like bins and baskets etc) that already exist within the space. Generally, we don’t purchase anything new for a space, or only one or two things. If you want your newly organized space to look like a boutique, we can certainly do that (it’s extremely rewarding!) and we should discuss products to purchase in advance of the session. 

What if I’m the only person in my home who cares if things are organized? 

This is an extremely common scenario. Everyone has their own personal tolerance for clutter, and it’s unlikely that any two people would be similar. Then throw in a couple of kids and you’ve got chaos. My experience is that once one person begins to tidy their own spaces, others in the family become inspired to tackle their own clutter. I’d advise you to begin with your own clothing, paperwork, and hobby supplies. I cannot in good conscience allow one member of the family to make decisions about objects belonging to another member without their consent. This extends to children, as well. If you have children under the age of about 7, I think it’s okay for parents to make decisions on behalf of the child, but if the child is older, then they must be present and aware of the decisions being made. I have worked with many clients’ children, and I use the same basic principles. I have also had situations where two members of a couple are present for a session or alternate sessions to make sure everyone gets a say in how decisions are made. The state of a home impacts all the people living in it. I never lose sight of that fact.