My goal is to make organizing your space as comfortable as possible. You and I will work together one on one. We will make decisions together. My role is to support you in achieving your goal, whatever that might be. Maybe you want to be able to to park your car in your garage. Maybe you’d like to make it easier to put clean dishes away or find things in your pantry more easily. Maybe you’d like to know where your important documents are and be able to access them at a moments notice. These are concrete goals that we can definitely achieve with focus and deliberate action.

Once you choose where you’d like to begin, I’ll break the project into smaller parts and we will systematically declutter the space. Once we reach a natural stopping point, we can strategize about how to organize the space to achieve your goal. We repeat this process until we’ve decluttered the entire room. Organizing is an organic process with lots of space for flexibility. Whether you prefer to make decisions quickly or you need to consider each item, we will work at your speed.

Some areas of the home are more difficult to declutter. Objects with emotional significance are much harder to make clear-headed decisions about and take more time. Many people like to share stories with me about the objects in order to feel comfortable letting go. Whatever your emotional process is, I am available to support you. I will never force you to discard an object; I will never throw anything away without your explicit permission. I do ask lots of practical questions (“If you choose to keep this, where will it live? What will you do with it? Are these items more important than these other items?” etc) in an effort to guide your decisions and keep you focused on your goal.