Decluttering and Organization

One on one assistance with decluttering includes physical assistance, emotional support, accountability coaching, and physical removal of objects. After decluttering, we’ll collaborate on how best to arrange items in the space for maximum efficiency and usability.

Office Organization

Whether it’s an office in your home or a workplace, paper clutter and messiness causes stress and overwhelm. We’ll work together to clear your space (and your mind), and put some systems in place to improve productivity.

Moving and Remodeling

Most people find moving to be one of the most stressful life events, but if you prepare properly, it can go much more smoothly. Decluttering in advance or as you pack makes unpacking much easier. Packing less used items early improves the process, too. I most often help clients unpack kitchens and master closets because those areas have the highest number of objects. Remodels that require you to move out of your home or juggle your space during construction can be difficult; we can strategize about how to improve the experience, and how to move back into your brand new space!


$80/per hour


50% off the third hour
(new clients only)